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When you are facing a difficult debt situation, everything can become a precarious balancing act. You keep your budget tight. You juggle bills. You count on every penny from your paycheck. When a creditor or debt collector threatens you with repossession of your car, you know that it will have a dramatic impact on your carefully crafted plan to keep your head above water.

Having your car repossessed can make it almost impossible to get to work. The last thing you need when you are facing a difficult debt situation is someone making it harder for you to earn money.

There are ways to fight repossession. If you have been told that your vehicle will be repossessed soon or if it already has been repossessed, a skilled attorney can help you fight to keep or possibly even recover your vehicle.

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At Sheppard Law Office, PC, we know the impact a vehicle repossession can have on the already difficult situation people may be living with. We work hard to help people keep or recover their vehicles. The repayment plan and automatic stay of Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you fight repossession. The automatic stay puts a halt to all collection activities. The repayment plan allows you to become current on late payments. Another advantage of the repayment plan is the fact that it is built around what you can afford to pay. Let us help you understand your options for fighting repossession.

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You do not have to suffer losing your vehicle to repossession. Learn about how bankruptcy can help you get the fresh start you deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation with our Spokane Valley repossession attorney, call 509-368-7620 or toll free at 866-440-6653, or simply contact us online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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