Information Regarding Fees and Payment Plans in Connection with Filing for Bankruptcy

Free Initial Consultations and Payment Plans

We offer a free initial consultation for everyone and in every case. Most clients pay for their bankruptcy case over time with an easy payment plan.

Chapter 7 Costs

Court costs (filing fees) for a Chapter 7 are $306. There are also 2 required credit counseling sessions ranging in price from $5-50 for the first session (taken prior to filing the case), and from $15-50 for the second mandatory Debtor Education course (taken after the case is filed but prior to discharge). Attorney fees vary depending on each particular case, but they generally start at $700. Clients usually make payments toward their fees and costs. If Chapter 7 is the right solution for you, you may hire us for as little $100, which will be applied toward your total attorney fees.

Chapter 13 Costs

Court costs (filing fees) for a Chapter 13 are $281. There is also a mandatory credit counseling session ranging in price from $5-50 (taken prior to filing the case). Generally, we can file a Chapter 13 case upon payment of the $281 filing fee and between $500-700 of the attorney fees; the specific amounts required prior to filing depend on the circumstances of each case. Any remaining balance of attorney fees can then be paid through the repayment plan. These fees can be explained further during a free consultation.

We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for Federal Bankruptcy Protection under the Bankruptcy Code.

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