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Those living with overwhelming debt do not need to be reminded of the gravity of their situation. Creditors and debt collectors will rarely let a day go by without reminding you about the debts you owe. The tactics they employ are designed to wear people down until they put paying that particular debt at the top of their priorities. The pressure can cause people to make major mistakes such as paying off a credit card before staying current on mortgage payments. The impact of the tactics creditors and debt collectors employ is difficult to overstate.

Common debt collection tactics include:

  • Harassing phone calls – You may be called every day, possibly multiple times. They may call your employer or relatives and discuss your financial situation.
  • Threatening letters – Every trip to the mailbox is typically a reminder of your difficult debt situation. These letters often contain threatening language designed to make you act now without thinking.
  • Repossession – Creditors or debt collectors may threaten to repossess your car, motorcycle, RV, ATV, boat or another type of vehicle.
  • Garnishments – Creditors or debt collectors may threaten to garnish your wages or bank account.
  • Foreclosure – Creditors may threaten to foreclose on your home.

No matter what types of threats you are facing, you should take the time to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney who can help you understand your options and how to deal most effectively with creditor harassment.

The Automatic Stay Stops All Creditor Harassment

The most powerful tool for stopping creditor harassment is the automatic stay. When you file for bankruptcy, the first thing that happens is your creditors are notified and directed that they are prohibited by federal law from taking any further collection actions against you.

Helping You Make Informed Financial Decisions

At Sheppard Law Office, PC, we are committed to helping people build a stronger financial future. The first step is often working to put a stop to the harassment creditors and debt collectors use as the tools of their trade. Filing for bankruptcy puts a stop to all creditor and debt collector harassment. Come in and discuss your situation during a free initial consultation. Bankruptcy is not the right solution in all situations. We will work to find the best options for you to begin living free of creditor and debt collector harassment.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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